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What is URAMAKI ??


It is said that it was created in the early 1960s when a sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo, California.


In the United States at that time, unlike now, there were many people who had never consumed raw fish and had a prejudice against "black foods" such as seaweed and soy sauce.


So, how did they spread sushi culture in Americans?


The result of trial and error was the style of "rolling seaweed inside" with Californian boiled crabs, cucumbers and avocados.


By wrapping seaweed inside and sushi rice(Vinegared rice) outside, they succeeded in reducing the resistance to black foods.

And instead of using soy sauce, they used mayonnaise and chili sauce, which were the main seasonings in the United States.


This roll was later named the "California Roll" and spread throughout the United States during the first Japanese food boom during 1980s.


Furthermore, in the 1990s, the Japanese food boom occurred in Europe, and then, it  spread all over the world.

Currently, California rolls are consumed on all continents except Antarctica.


There are innumerable types and variety, and the ingredients of each country are wrapped to give them individuality, and they have evolved without being bound by the concept of "sushi" and have evolved into dishes that entertain people.


Furthermore, since the seaweed is wrapped inside-out, it has come to be called "URAMAKI".

(URA means inside-out and MAKI means a roll in Japanese)


In recent years, sushi, which is even called art, this sushi culture is a tradition created by craftsmen's work hard, incorporating the essence of the Japanese history and four seasons, and has become the pride of Japan recognized by the world.


We, California Rolls URAMAKIYA, are aiming to create a new cuisine category called "Uramaki", by making it independent from the category of sushi.


Japanese sushi culture has transcended the ocean and evolved uniquely around the world.

We believe even more people will be able to enjoy Uramaki by delivering it from here in Tokyo.


We are hoping you will enjoy "Uramaki" which is fun to see and delicious to eat!

​うらまき とは?













私たちCalifornia Rolls URAMAKIYAは、世界で開花したこの食べ物を寿司から独立させ、新たに「うらまき」というジャンルの確立を目指しています。




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